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In Our Opinion

In our opinion there are three things about custom decorating -the most important is that when it is completed it is yours alone-no one has a sofa, chair, bed, window treatment that is just like yours. Your room is totally you-not ordered from a catalogue or a room setting store where they have sold thousands of the same “parts” to thousands of people. Nothing unique about that! We want your home to be an expression of you-how you live, what styles and colors you like.  So, that is where we start when you come to see us. We interview you! We want to be sure we are interpreting your style and guiding you to what will be a room you love. The decorating process can take a little time but the results are worth it.

The second thing about custom decorating is that really good quality takes time to produce. In our fast moving world we are conditioned to instant results. Really well made furniture, bedding, or window treatments are made by skilled crafts people and they need a little time to do their best work for you. We know your patience will be rewarded.  We want you to love the results for years to come and when you choose good quality, it will.

And lastly, custom decorating may be more affordable than you think. Our prices together with our free decorating service may be only slightly higher than something that is mass produced-and it is totally unique to you.  Finding the cheapest price for something is all the rage now. We think the journey to discovering your style is far too rewarding to cut every corner.


In our opinion most everyone who lives in the real world has to live on a budget. That means decorating budgets are no exception. All the Printer’s Alley decorators know the constraints of a budget and move through projects for their own homes with small steps as their budgets will allow.  When you begin a project you don’t have to have a specific amount of money you want to spend but it’s good to have a general idea. In addition to helping you find your style, we need to be able to stick to your budget. Please let your salesperson know at any time during the process if anything is too expensive. There are lots of strategies for giving you the same look for less money. You can, for instance, arrange the fabric choices in a room to use the least yardage of the most expensive fabric, perhaps only for pillows or an ottoman.

You can always do your project in stages. Buy the fabric or fabrics now and wait and do the labor in the future.
It is part of the free decorating service we offer to help you figure out how to afford what you want. We cannot do that if you do not let us know when what you love does not fit your pocketbook. If when you get home and contemplate your project it just is too expensive, come back and let your decorator rework it to be more reasonable. There are many very beautiful rooms in the world that do not have every bell and whistle.

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