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Finding your Style at Printers Alley
What is style? “It is an ongoing, lifelong search for what feels completely right,” says Judy George in The Domain Book of Intuitive Home Design.  She goes on to say, "Whether it's plain, fancy, offhand, or deliberate, our sense of style is always a reflection of our history, our temperament, our impulses - in short, it is a reflection of our personality."

How do you find your style and how do you make that style fit your lifestyle?  You may be beginning your decorating journey and be insecure in figuring out your style.  Or, you may want to change the style you have lived with for many years.   One thing is for sure our needs and our tastes change as our life evolves. 

We think your style should begin with what you love.  What’s popular or fashionable is secondary.   Ask yourself what works for you and makes you feel good.


  • Which furniture and objects in your home have meaning to you and are your favorite?
  • What are your favorite colors? Warm, Cool, Bright or Monochromatic?
  • What style of furniture do you have? What style do you like?  Traditional, Contemporary, Transitional or a blend?
  • How do you want your home to feel? Pretty, Tailored, Funky, Peaceful, Romantic, Comfortable, Serene, Fun, Happy?
  • Do you like patterned fabrics more than solids?
  • Is texture important to you?
  • Would you describe your taste on the opulent side of the spectrum or more down to earth?

One of the best way's to figure out your style is to be aware, look around and see what you like.

Looking at magazines and books will help you determine what you like. Becoming aware of the things around you when visiting friends and family will help you decide too. Go on home tours in your community.  Educate yourself in what you like!

Alexandra Stoddard in her book “Open Your Eyes” says, “Just because we’ve been given eyesight doesn’t mean we know how to use our eyes to look and really see.  We have to train ourselves to look at all things and see things well.  We must not be limited by the familiar but must instead look and look again.  Seeing well is a process of opening our mind as well our eyes.”

We are used to seeing the styles of the big box retailers such as Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware and Crate and Barrel as their catalogs and websites come into our homes regularly.  Because these styles are familiar and because we are in this age of not wanting to wait for anything, not even a home to evolve, many Americans have taken the style of these stores as their own style.   The intrigue to adapting these styles is that you can have it now, you don’t have to wait.  The downside is that everyone else has it now too and that these styles may not have room for your favorite things, the things that are the history of your life. 

Finding your style and making it unique to you is evolving, takes time and is often done in stages, because your home and your style should be an eclectic result of your life experiences.  It should be a collection of the things that you have gathered or inherited along the way.  Be patient through the process of establishing your personal style.  It may require some editing along the way. We don’t think of style as disposable but as evolving.  Trust your intuition and don’t be afraid.

Some places just feel like home.  As soon as you walk in the door, you want to stay.  If this is what you want, then Printer’s Alley can help.  Our decorators see their job as drawing out your own style and being a guide in helping you create your home, your style, your way.


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