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They are fastened to each other with twine at eight points so they can work together to give the ultimate sitting or lying comfort. This process, to get the springs to be just the right height, all has to be done by hand. That is why it is only found in the best furniture. The other types of spring systems-no sag, sinuous wire, drop in spring units, and zigzag are cheaper to install and much less comfortable and durable.

Our standard cushion is springdown. It is the top of the line in quality. Again, think of the coiled springs standing side by side. These are covered in foam and then wrapped in a blend down envelope which produces a high crown or curve to the cushion top that is very luxurious.
The fabric you choose to cover your furniture is meticulously cut and matched so that the fabric appears to flow across the furniture. This is called flow matching and this is a trait that you can easily observe. It is matched front to back, side to side and up and down. You can choose any type of complicated fabric pattern and rest assured the finished piece of furniture will do it justice.  This is really the hallmark of good furniture.

The final element of your custom furniture is you! When the piece of furniture is made just for you, you get to choose all the finishing details that make it a one of a kind.  You can choose decorative cords or fringes or contrast welting to be placed either on the cushions, the frame or both. You can choose from a large array of both standard and premium wood finishes to compliment your fabric choice and even a nail head trim.

And finally, because we have all our fabric choices available on the bolt you can see exactly what you are getting. If you are shopping from fabric swatches there could be surprises (like colors or motifs that did not appear in the swatch you were selecting from) that could ruin your decorating scheme.  Our decorators will gladly take the bolts down and drape them over pieces of furniture in our store so you can visualize what your room will look like. 

So, come, sit on our furniture, bring your family to sit on our furniture and let us help you create a room that is just your style.

Custom Upholstered Furniture

We sell upholstered furniture that is meant to last. This is furniture that you can recover and recover as you make style changes or move to a new house. Then, you can leave this furniture to your children instead of filling up the land fill.  A good piece of furniture is always worth recovering. Choosing classic styles will make the investment timeless. Then you can express your style with the fabric, trimmings and decorative pillows you choose to go with it.

Here are some criteria for really good quality furniture:

A good quality frame is made from Kiln-dried hardwood so that the frame will not warp or split. Also, the frame must be thick enough to take the wear and tear of years of use. You can test this by picking up the end of a sofa, for instance, to see if it is heavy and substantial.  Inexpensive furniture can also be made of hardwood but the frames can be so thin and lightweight that warping or bowing can still occur. Then the parts of the frame are held together with corner supports, screws, double dowels and glue to make sure the joints are permanently strong.
Eight-way hand tied springs are used in good quality furniture that will accommodate a coiled spring. To understand what eight way hand tied springs are just think of an inner spring mattress with all the coiled springs standing side by side.
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